Pilot Int. Conferences

Below you will find comments and reviews from passt meetings held by Pilot Int. Conferences. These are truly inspiring and show that people truly are affected and benefit greatly from the encouragement and hope of these conferences.

Good day Colleagues, Thanks for the wonderful summit and all your participation, however I took networking as my key learning point therefore let’s not break the chain of making a green sustainable world. God bless you all. Eskom

Dear President & CEO Pilot International I arrived safely home with Cordial and touchy gratitude. May I thank you very much for such an invaluable opportunity. I am looking forward to incorporate my university into Pilot International. Co-Chair from University of Gezira, Sudan.

Dear Pilot International, Thanks for organizing the entire program of the Summit to the awards ceremony. Promoters of Efficient Technologies for Sustainable Development, Uganda.

Thank You for a well-organized Summit in Kampala. It was a real pleasure attending the summit. I learnt a lot on sustainability issues in Uganda and globally. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

"At my Institute, I told all my colleagues about Uganda conference. Everyone was very interested to learn about Africa, about the city, about life in Uganda. I showed the photos to our faculty. They were all very surprised by the story, because we do not know anything about Africa. It was the most wonderful trip, it was a very interesting conference. You had a very high level of participation. Thank you very much, and looking forward to the 2012 conference"! 2011 event speaker from Russia.

"Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors, participants and media partners hailed the 2011 event as a success, commending its numerous exciting exposure and networking benefits, through out the conference and during the Global awards ceremony. One of the sponsors said, “as a sponsor, I feel I have been exposed more than enough; Exposure at the conference and the awards ceremony, where I met additional contacts from industry and entrepreneurs was too additional for me”. 2011 event sponsor.

This is what the participants said about the 2011 Speakers:

"Interesting; Did a good job; Were of high calibre, perfect and knowledgeable; Well presented; Very useful; Excellent and thanks to Pilot International for bringing them because their ideas were useful".

"Dear President, ma, congratulations on your successful hosting and conduct of the 2011 conference. I wish to be there in 2012”. 2010 event speaker from Nigeria.

"Dear Colleagues, Thank you for holding such a successful conference. I write to inform you that I am interested in attending the 2012 International Summit in Kampala city. Your cooperation is highly solicited". Interest from Sierra Leone.